Webflow and Lever choose Ample to facilitate the creation of world-class, custom job sites.

In order to unlock custom, data-driven websites for their customers, Webflow and Lever needed next generation integration technology

Ample Team

With world class customers, brand is everything. A partnership between Lever, one of the world's top Applicant Tracking Systems and Webflow, the premier visual development tool was a match made in heaven.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for the partnership was "How do we provide an intuitive, easy-to-use integration without access to internal technical resources?" Traditionally, one or both companies would allocate technical resources to build an integration using custom code, dev tools, or iPaaS platforms. This approach is time, resource, and budget heavy. Long-term there are challenges with support, maintenance, and internal turnover.

Smarter Integration

In contrast, they chose Ample to deliver an end-to-end solution that checked off all the boxes. Our technology allowed for a simple install that ran multiple processes including:

  1. Authorize
  2. Select a data storage and processing region
  3. Auto create the Webflow CMS Collection
  4. Auto create the Webflow CMS Schema
  5. Import existing jobs
  6. Begin

All of this is powered by infrastructure that doesn't require their users to create new accounts with another third party platform. Ample handles batch updates, batch maintenance, and support for all users of the integration.

What more could you want from an integrated solution? Take a look at the Official Lever integration in the Webflow Marketplace.

If this sounds like the kind of experience you want your customers and partners to have, contact us today to get started.