Accelerate sales and growth by eliminating the integration bottleneck

Discover how Ample is revolutionizing integrations, eliminating the 'Integration Bottleneck' and enabling seamless partnerships in the tech industry. Learn how our use-case-first approach and transparent billing structure redefine the integration landscape.

Integration is a term that loosely gets thrown around in the tech industry these days. Some people would define integration simply as a connection between two softwares and to be perfectly blunt that's a crappy way to describe integration.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines integration as the following: “The action or process of combining two or more things in an effective way.”

So now that we know integration is more than just a simple connection between softwares we can answer the question, “Why combine software?”

Why should we care?

In the technology space we care because this “effective combination” of softwares stimulates growth in business. Leading to greater partnerships and each platform benefiting from the others expertise. No one individual can solve all of the world's problems - nor should they try!

SaaS platforms, when given the ability to focus on what they do best, create amazing tools for businesses and consumers to utilize. We see this all the time in the Web App and SaaS industries. However, as previously mentioned these amazing tools very rarely can solve for all of the needs a modern business, non-profit, entrepreneur, or individual may have. This is where integration takes over and leads to the next question, “Who builds it?”

Building the Bottleneck

This is an age old question. We know that businesses are able to innovate and thrive when they have the resources and time to focus on their core offering. No one can thrive in an environment of tech debt and one off projects. So these partnerships that should be happening for the betterment of everyone get clogged up by what we are calling the “Integration Bottleneck.”

In our time working at both startups and larger SaaS platforms it has been this integration bottleneck that has slowed or completely halted the progress of many valuable partnerships. Both companies knew a partnership would be mutually beneficial but would proceed to identify the barriers that make up the integration bottleneck. Building the integration was viewed as a costly distraction that required budget, understanding of impact, and would yield an unknown return.

Let's open that bottle up.

Ample is here to change all of that. Gone are the days where integration prevents your business from getting the partnerships you want to have. We effectively combine technologies with a use case first approach that meets teams where they are. The best part is that our billing structure removes the gamble out of building integrations. Companies get to see the return on their investment in real time. Ecosystems today can be murky waters and have left a bitter taste in the mouth of a lot of Saas platforms and their customers. We aim to change all of that with quality integrations that empower partnerships.