Two-Factor Authentication Settings

Learn how to change your default Two-Factor Authentication settings.

Two-Factor Authentication is mandatory for all Ample Cloud accounts for security purposes.

When you create your Ample Cloud account, you must select a Two-Factor Authentication method. All users will have email available as an option. Users in the United States can choose SMS Message as an alternative method for verification.

You can find your 2FA Settings by navigating to Account Settings → User Settings → 2FA Security


If you have selected email as your default, you will receive an email with a 6 digit code for authorization each time you login to your account. This code will be delivered to the email address that is saved to your account.

SMS Message

For users in the United States, you can select SMS Message during sign up or enable it from the 2FA Security Page.

Click Enable to add your phone number if you haven't previously provided one. Once a phone number is verified and stored you can alternate between default methods by pressing the default button.

You can remove your phone number by pressing the remove button. This will automatically change your default method back to email until you add another phone number.

Important: Phone numbers are only used for Two-Factor Authentication purposes.
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