Transferring Websites

Learn how to transfer a Webflow website that is connected to an Ample Cloud Application

To transfer a Webflow website from your account to another Webflow account you will need to follow a few steps.

Disconnect your existing Webflow authorization on your application by clicking the x next to the “connected” indicator in the Webflow section of the application.

Disconnect Webflow Button

Follow the steps required to transfer a project and activate or transfer hosting on Webflow’s platform.  

Once you have transferred the project, you need to re-authorize the Webflow portion of your application by logging into Webflow and selecting the site you wish to authorize

Alternatively, you can use guest authorization to send a link to the new site owner to authorize if they don’t have an Ample Cloud Account. 

You can also invite other users to create an Ample Cloud Account and share your stack with them so they can access the application. 


You will need to select your Webflow Collections again upon authorization


You will need to republish your application for these new updates to take effect. Once you have published your application everything should resume operating as expected.

Embedded Calendar

Remember if you have a connected calendar and you have changed your primary domain on Webflow, you will need to update your calendar link in the calendar settings tab and click the "Update" button. Calendar changes take effect immediately upon updating. You do not need to republish your application for Calendar changes to take effect.

Events URL Field
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