Publish Function

Learn how the publish function works for Eventbrite to Webflow and how it differs across application tiers.


To publish an installed application you must complete all required sections of your configuration and purchase a plan before your publish function will run.


  • Existing Eventbrite events will be imported into your selected CMS Collection as individual CMS items.
  • Only events from your selected organizer profiles will be imported. All other events are excluded.
  • CMS items have a status that matches each event's eventbrite event status.
  • Ended and Completed events will be excluded from the import.
  • Events are imported at 60 per minute - which is in alignment with the rate limits for the Eventbrite and Webflow APIs.
  • The publish status on Webflow will match the event's current status on Eventbrite.


Professional applications have an additional dynamic referencing step


Enterprise applications utilize 3 Webflow CMS Collections for Events, Organizations, and Organizer Profiles

  • The selected Eventbrite Organizations are imported into your selected Organization Collection
  • The selected Eventbrite Organizer Profiles are imported into your selected Organizer Profiles Collection
  • Events are imported into your selected Events Collection

Dynamic referencing structure is also established on import

  • Events are referenced to the Organization and Organizer Profile they belong to inside of eventbrite
  • Organizer Profiles are referenced to the Organizer Profiles they belong to inside of eventbrite
Benefit: This establishes a very powerful structure that can be used to organize events dynamically and in large numbers.

As an example, you can create Organization Collection Pages that only contain filtered lists of organizer profiles and events that are referenced to each organization. Organizer Profile pages can filter to only show events that belong to that organizer profile.

Updating Your Configuration

If you decide to add more fields or upgrade to another tier, you will need to update your configuration.

To do this you can simply run the publish function again. This will overwrite the existing data in your CMS so that you don't have inconsistency from import to import.

Note: To avoid rate limit issues, we limit your ability to run a full republish of Eventbrite to Webflow to once every 2 Hours.
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