Guest Authorization

Learn how to securely invite someone else to authorize a service used in your application.

Use guest authorization to invite another person to authorize an account when you aren't the account owner.

Invite Guest

To begin setting up your applications, you need to connect the required accounts. To create a guest authorization link, press the share button located next to the account connect button.

This will open the guest authorization form. Enter the email address of the person you would like to have authorize their account.

Guest Authorization Modal

Guest Authorization Flow

The guest you invite will receive an email from Ample Cloud that includes a link to the guest authorization page. This page is unique to the service and application being authorized.

Guest Authorization Email
Guest Authorization Screen

Once your guest has connected their account, you will see this reflected in your configuration. They can send a confirmation email that will notify the sender of completion. This email includes a direct link back to the application's configuration screen.

Guest Auth Success Screen
Repeat this process for any accounts you need to authorize.
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