Google Maps Fields

Learn how the Google Maps fields work in your Eventbrite to Webflow Application

The Google Maps fields in Professional Tiers and above are based on your event's venue location information set on Eventbrite. This is found on the "Basic Info" tab in your Eventbrite event details page.

Google Maps Link

The Google Maps Link field will populate a link field that can be connected as dynamic content in your site. Set a button or link block to link out directly to your event's location.

Google Embed Slug

The Google Embed Slug is used for dynamically embedding Google Maps into your Webflow website. This will render a map location that matches your event's location setting on Eventbrite. You will need to register for a free Google Maps Embed API Key. These keys have unlimited free usage. Learn More about embedding maps on Webflow.

  1. Add a Custom Code Element to your Events CMS Collection Page
  2. Add the Google Maps Embed Script inside of the custom code element
  3. Add your Google Maps Embed API Key to the script
  4. Use dynamic embedding to add your Google Maps Embed Slug Field as variable. Add this variable after &q=
Note: Updating your venue location on Eventbrite will update the Google Maps Link and the Google Maps Embed Slug on the connected events in Webflow.
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