Eventbrite 101

Learn about Eventbrite specific terminology and platform concepts.

It's important to understand the foundational concepts and terminology of any platform to create a successful integration. Here are some terms that will help you understand Eventbrite's key concepts.

Platform Description

Eventbrite - Discover Great Events or Create Your Own & Sell Tickets. Eventbrite brings people together through live experiences. Discover events that match your passions, or create your own with online ticketing tools.


  • Organization - Organizations are separate accounts on eventbrite that have their own billing, permissions, organizer profiles, events, and more.
  • Organizer Profile - Organizer Profiles are tags that exist inside of a single Organization. These tags can be used to filter events in various ways inside of Eventbrite and via the API.
  • Recurring Event - Recurring Events are best for events that are identical, but happen across multiple dates, time slots, or sessions. Each Recurring Event has a Parent Event and a series of Child Events that belong to it.
  • Parent Event - Parent Events carry all of the event details you set for your recurring event. They do not have ticket information associated with them. Publishing a parent event publishes all of its child events.
  • Child Event - Child Events belong to an individual parent event and have data unique to itself.
  • Event - Individual events are unique and have unique data and publish statuses. Events belong to 1 Organization and have 1 Organizer Profile.
  • Embedded Checkout - Sell tickets right from your website or blog with our website integration. Attendees complete the purchase without leaving your website.

Learn more about Eventbrite by visiting their support page.

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