Event Status

Learn about the Eventbrite Event Status field and its available options.

What is it?

The Event Stale Status status indicates the current state of sales for an individual event. This comes through as a text string with the following available options.  

  • Live - This event has been published on Eventbrite
  • Started - The event has started, but has not yet ended.
  • Ended - The event has ended, but has not become fully completed in Eventbrite.
  • Completed - The event becomes completed when all Eventbrite processes related to the event have been completed. When an Event Status changes to Completed, it is automatically archived in Webflow.
  • Canceled - The event has been canceled, but not deleted.
  • Deleted - An event has been deleted in Eventbrite. Deleted events are automatically archived in Webflow. Deleted events can be safely deleted from Webflow.
Event Status is an available field in Professional and Enterprise Plans
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