Event Publish

Learn about how various publishing methods on Eventbrite translate in your Eventbrite to Webflow Application.

Publishing Events

There are several ways to publish an event on Eventbrite. Ample Cloud handles these publish functions automatically in an intuitive way.

When any event is created, it is initially imported into Webflow as a draft. This allows you to see a preview of every event inside of the designer or editor portal without it being published on your website.

This is very handy for checking formatting of your events template page prior to publishing an event, or for adding additional "Non-Eventbrite" data to your CMS item prior to publishing. An example would be adding secondary images to a page prior to publish.

Available Eventbrite Publish Options Include

  • Draft - Keeping an event as a draft (unpublished) in Eventbrite will keep its status as a draft in Webflow.
  • Publish Now - Choosing Publish Now in Eventbrite will change its status to Published in Webflow. The event will appear on your live site once its status is updated as published.
  • Scheduled Publish - Set a date and time for your event to Publish. When this date and time is reached, the status will automatically update to published in Webflow. The event will appear on your live site once its status is updated to published.
  • Unpublish - If you unpublish an event on eventbrite, its status will return to draft in Webflow.
  • Delete - Deleting an event on Eventbrite will change its status to archived in Webflow. Deleted events can be safely removed from Webflow if they have been deleted on Eventbrite first.
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