Creating Stacks

Understanding Stacks and how they function in Ample Cloud.

Stacks are a foundational concept in Ample Cloud. Each Stack contains its own marketplace, installed applications, subscription and invoicing information, and settings. Create multiple Stacks to keep your projects organized and separate from each other.

Stacks Home View

Create a new Stack

To create a new stack, press the red + icon in the upper right side of your console home view.

Add a stack icon
  • Give your stack a name. You can change this later in stack settings.
  • Add a logo to your stack (optional)
  • Select data storage region (Coming Soon)
  • Press Create Stack
Create stack Modal

You will see a new stack in your account. When you click on your stack card it will navigate you to the stack marketplace.

You can delete a stack by going to Stack → Stack Settings
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