Connecting to Eventbrite

Learn how to connect Eventbrite in your Eventbrite to Webflow Application

Once you or a guest have authorized your Eventbrite account, you can select the Eventbrite Organization you would like to connect to and select the Organizer Profiles you would like to filter by.

Any Organizer Profiles that are deselected will be bypassed by the application. If you make changes to your Organization or Organizer Profiles on Eventbrite, you can refresh them by pressing refresh eventbrite data and making new selections.

Pro Tip: Create an Organizer Profile for test events or events you are working on and deselect it. Once you are ready for it to appear in your Webflow CMS, change it's organizer profile to one of your select profiles.

Alternatively, use organizer profile filtering to connect the same organization to multiple applications.

If your application has been published previously, make sure you publish again after changing and saving these settings. Changing these settings will not affect your configuration.

Eventbrite configuration block

Enterprise users can sync multiple Eventbrite Organizations to the same Ample Cloud Application and utilize dynamic referencing to create complex data structures.

Important: Always remember to press the save button and then publish your application when making or updating your Eventbrite account settings
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