API Dynamic Sync

Learn how automatic syncing works for your Eventbrite to Webflow application

Once you have published your application your imported events will be connected to your eventbrite account and stay up to date automatically. As you change information about your event and save it on Eventbrite, the corresponding Webflow item will be updated in tandem.

  • Based on the publish status of your event, these changes will be reflected on the draft item for draft events or directly to your live site for published events.
  • Updates will also apply to automatic changes in Eventbrite, such as – Event Sales Status Changes, Event Status Changes, Scheduled Event Publish, and more
  • For Enterprise Applications, changes to the selected Organizer Profile will be reflected in the event's Organizer Profile Reference Field
Remember: Every time your event is updated, it will overwrite any changes you may have made inside of Webflow for connected fields. This keeps eventbrite as your single source of truth for your events data.
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