Learn how stacks work and why they are important for keeping your account organized.

Create a Stack

Stacks are a foundational concept in Ample Cloud. Each Stack contains its own marketplace, installed applications, subscription and invoicing information, and settings. Create multiple Stacks to keep your projects organized and separate from each other.

Stacks Home View

Create a new Stack

To create a new stack, press the red + icon in the upper right side of your console home view.

Add a stack icon
  • Give your stack a name. You can change this later in stack settings.
  • Add a logo to your stack (optional)
  • Select data storage region (Coming Soon)
  • Press Create Stack
Create stack Modal

You will see a new stack in your account. When you click on your stack card it will navigate you to the stack marketplace.

You can delete a stack by going to Stack → Stack Settings

Stack Settings

Navigate to Stack → Settings → General to update your stack name, edit your stack image, or delete your stack. Press Save to save your changes.


Navigate to Stack → Settings → Subscriptions to view the subscriptions associated with the current stack. You can navigate directly to an application's billing page from this tab.


We help you keep your invoices organized by showing you your invoices on the account level, stack level, and application level.

Navigate to Stack → Settings → Invoices to view all invoices associated with the current stack. Click on an invoice to view or download it.

Delete a Stack

Before you start
To delete a stack
  • Navigate to Stack → Stack Settings → General Settings
Stack Settings Page
  • Press the delete stack button
Red Delete Stack Button
Important: Stacks cannot be deleted if they have Applications installed. You must first uninstall all draft applications installed on the stack from Stack → Application → Application Settings → Uninstall

Active subscriptions must be canceled and uninstalled before its stack can be deleted from Stack → Application → Billing → Manage Subscription

Shared Stacks

Shared Stacks are an early access feature only available to Ample Cloud Partners

In certain cases you may want to grant access to your applications to customers, co-workers, or clients in order for them to manage billing, download invoices, or manage their application data via Database Sync.

To share access to a stack you have created and its applications with other Ample Cloud Users, navigate to Stack → Settings → Stack Permissions

Shared Stacks and Stacks Permissions Tabs

From the Stack Permissions Tab and click “Share Stack”. Enter the email address of the Ample Cloud user you would like to give access to your stack.

Remember: the person you are inviting must have an existing Ample Cloud Account to be given access.
Share Stack Form

Once you have added a user, they will appear in your Stack Permissions and the stack will appear in their Console with a share icon indicating that the stack has been shared with them.

Shared Stack Indicator

To remove a user from a stack click "Remove User" and confirm. You can always add the user back later if needed.

Remove User Button

Leaving a Stack

If stack has been shared with you, you can remove it by navigating to Stack → Settings → General and clicking the "Leave Stack" button. At this time, only the stack creator can grant access to the stack.

Leave Stack button
Remember: Once you leave a Stack, the owner will need to add you again to regain access.
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