Learn how to install and manage applications in your Ample Cloud account.


The marketplace is where you can choose the applications you would like to install for each stack. You can also find shortcuts to your installed applications, manage your stack settings, billing, and delete stacks.

Install an Application

The Ample Cloud Marketplace exists inside of each stack for organizational purposes. Press the Install Button to open the installation window.

Application page prior to installation
Tiers and installation types will vary for each application. Refer to the Application Guide for information specific to each application.
Remember: You can always uninstall your application from the application settings tab and reinstall it with different tier and type selections.

Guest Authorization

Use guest authorization to invite another person to authorize an account when you aren't the account owner.

Invite Guest

To begin setting up your applications, you need to connect the required accounts. To create a guest authorization link, press the share button located next to the account connect button.

This will open the guest authorization form. Enter the email address of the person you would like to have authorize their account.

Guest Authorization Modal

Guest Authorization Flow

The guest you invite will receive an email from Ample Cloud that includes a link to the guest authorization page. This page is unique to the service and application being authorized.

Guest Authorization Email
Guest Authorization Screen

Once your guest has connected their account, you will see this reflected in your configuration. They can send a confirmation email that will notify the sender of completion. This email includes a direct link back to the application's configuration screen.

Guest Auth Success Screen
Repeat this process for any accounts you need to authorize.

Application ID

Your Ample Application ID may be required to submit a support ticket. This is how our Support Team and Engineers will find your application to check for any issues related to your application.

To locate your Application ID, navigate to any installed application and go to the advanced configuration tab

Application ID

Your Application ID will be at the top right corner of your advanced configuration screen. You can click to copy the ID to your clipboard.

Application ID Copied to Clipboard

Database Sync

Once you have published an application you will be able to manage its corresponding database items from your Database Sync Tab. Certain Ample Cloud Applications store data for use in running various application specific processes.

This tab is located directly below the application tab in your application dashboard.

Database Sync Tab in Ample Cloud Console

Use Cases

From time to time an individual item or group of items may be missing or out of sync due to a range of issues. To reconcile this, you can use your application's database sync page.

In contrast to a full republish which reruns all events, Database Sync allows you to manually reconcile individual items or groups of items. This is especially useful for applications with a very high volume of database items and can help drastically reduce issues with application rate limits.

Uninstall an Application

You can uninstall an application by navigating to Any Stack → Any Application → Application Settings

Preview Applications

Press Uninstall to uninstall the application. Uninstalling will remove any authorizations and draft configurations you have made. You can install the app again at any time with new settings if desired.

Active Applications

To uninstall an active application you must first cancel your subscription by navigating to Any Stack → Any Application → Application Billing → Manage Application

Press Cancel Subscription to terminate your application and make it available for immediate deletion. Alternatively you can pause your subscription if you'd like to resume service at a later date.

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