Ample Calendar for Eventbrite

Learn how to setup, customize, and embed your calendar.

Get Started

Set up your events calendar in just a few easy steps.  Embed your calendar on any website that accepts embed codes including: Webflow, Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, and More.

  1. Connect Eventbrite
  2. Import Events
  3. Customize
  4. Embed

Connect Eventbrite

Start by authorizing your Eventbrite account by clicking “Authorize Eventbrite” and signing into your account.

Select the Eventbrite Organization you want your calendar to import events from. You can connect multiple Organizations to the same calendar on our Enterprise tier.

Select the Organizer Profile you want to connect to your calendar. Each event you create has an Organizer Profile selection on the “Basic Info” section of your event dashboard. This is helpful for organizing your events. 

  • Starter Calendars - allow for 1 Organization and 1 Organizer Profile. 
  • Professional Calendars - allow for 1 Organization and up to 3 Organizer Profiles
  • Enterprise Calendars - allow for Custom Organization and Organizer Profile counts
Standard Eventbrite accounts have one organization. Contact us if you require multiple organizations.

Import Events

Easily import your events by clicking the import button on the Eventbrite Configuration screen.  Wait for your events to finish importing. This process should take less than a minute to complete, but can take longer if you have a very high volume of events.

Manual Sync

If you update event details, you will need to click the import button again to update this information. The following information will require a manual resync.

  • Start Time / End Time
  • Start Date / End Date
  • Event Name
  • Event Date
  • Event Image
An upcoming release of Ample Calendar for Eventbrite will automatically update event details

Dynamic Sync

Dynamic sync will keep your event status and event sales status up to date as changes are made on Eventbrite. 

  • Sold out events will be grayed out
  • Canceled and deleted events will be removed from the calendar
  • Ended Events will be updated and grayed out for the day.
  • Updates to your event’s long description will be reflected automatically on detail view
  • New Events added automatically
  • Price updated automatically
Remember - your calendar reacts to updates from Eventbrite as they are received. These generally happen in a matter of seconds, but can take time depending on the current latency of the Eventbrite system. See the troubleshooting document for more information.


There are multiple options for customizing your calendar. View your changes in real time in the preview window.

Preview Filter

The preview filter allows you to select which Organization or Organizer Profile to preview. This is helpful for calendars with multiple Organizations and Organizer Profiles that require multiple embed codes. 

Learn more about how to use Multiple Calendars, Embed Codes, and Dynamic Embeds work below.

Event Settings

  • All Events - Show all event types 
  • Only Recurring Events - Only show your recurring events. Available on Professional calendars and above
  • Only Standard Events - Only show standard Eventbrite events 
  • Hide/Show Private Events - Choose to include or exclude private events from your calendar. 

UI Settings

You can from the following styles for your calendar

  • Timed Entry View - Small Calendar with a list view of the events for the selected day to the right
  • Number - Day blocks display a large number
  • Icon - Upload your own icon to display on dates that have events
  • Agenda - Show a color block with the event count for the day
  • Hex Color - Add a hex color to your calendar to match your brand styling. Various elements will apply this color automatically. Darker colors work best.
  • UK Date Formatting - Display dates in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • Calendar Icon - upload an SVG icon to for us in the “Icon Calendar” Layout Option.

Event Detail View

From within your calendar there is an option to view the details of each event. This screen displays the following event information:

  • Event Name
  • Event Image
  • Start Date
  • Start Time / End Time
  • City
  • Registration Buttons
  • Eventbrite Full Description
  • Venue Address
  • Link to Google Maps

Recurring Events

On professional calendars and above, you can choose to include your Eventbrite Recurring events. 

Each scheduled event will be connected to its appropriate date and grouped together by the parent Recurring Event

Example. A recurring event named “Scale Your Events Business With Embedded Calendars” has 5 time slots per day. Each day will contain a block with the title “Scale Your Events Business With Embedded Calendars” that shows the corresponding time slots for that particular day. 

Individual events will show in their own block.

Other recurring events that have events on the same day will show in their own block.

This is very powerful for managing timed entry experiences, exhibits, and more.

Pro Tip: Put your recurring events on a specific organizer profile to separate them from your standard events. Use multiple embed codes to show your standard events on one calendar and your recurring events/time slots on another. 


Select a plan to access your embed code and activate your calendar. Each Ample Cloud account can use one 30 Day Free Trial of the calendar. Easily upgrade to do more.

Embed Code

Use the Preview Filter to generate your embed code for each organizer profile or organization connected to your calendar. 

Multiple Calendars

You can use multiple embed codes. One for each organization and/or organizer profile connected to your calendar. Change your preview filter to get the embed code you require.

Dynamic Embed 

Some website platforms (including Webflow) have template pages with dynamic embed options. 

  1. Add your embed code to your template page. 
  2. In the CMS collection for the template page, create a field and give it a name like “Organization ID” or “Organizer ID”
  3. Select the ID in your Embed Code and replace it with the data from the field you just created

Each template page will now display only the events associated with the unique ID for the database item. 

This is very powerful for organizations with multiple locations, departments, brands, experiences, and more.

Eventbrite Embedded Checkout

Your Calendar utilizes the Eventbrite Embedded checkout functionality. The entire purchase experience takes place from within the embed on your website. This is a seamless end to end experience.

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