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How our Alpha Customers scaled their experiential events businesses during a global pandemic.

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As the world began to feel the strain of the emerging Covid-19 Virus, many in-person industries went into a panic. Cancellations and closures were everywhere from live events and conventions to retail stores and restaurants. The need for brands to connect with their customers was at an all time high.

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The Problem

Unfortunately, managing a large quantity of events can be a very difficult (if not impossible) task – especially when maintaining brand expectation is crucial. Businesses began searching for new ways to manage and present their events in a way that fit seamlessly with the visual experience and quality their customers were used to.

Automating the flow of data from their events platform to their Websites via open API’s was the obvious solution, but that is much easier said than done. The complexity of implementing an in-house solution simply wasn’t viable for most companies given the uncertainty and accelerating pace of the pandemic. 

A New Approach

We approached the problem in a radically different way with purpose built no code applications that leverage the full capability of the connected platforms – in this case Eventbrite and Webflow

Ample Cloud Console for Eventbrite to Webflow Enterprise

By importing and syncing Eventbrite API Data to the Webflow CMS in real time via Ample Cloud, our early customers were able to hyperscale their events operations which drove meaningful engagement with their customers.

John Lewis & Partners moved from a handful of one off events a year to managing thousands of events per year on their fully branded experiences hub. For the Holiday Season in 2022, they offered their customers over 2,000 In-Store and Online events to choose from.

John Lewis & Partners Experiences Hub. Event Page View with repeating events for the holiday instore launch.

Leveraging multiple Eventbrite Organizations, Organizer Profiles, and Repeating Events became a key driver of success. Events generated on Eventbrite are structured accordingly on the site side to keep things neatly organized. Changes on Eventbrite are reflected on the site side in real time. With the introduction of our Embeddable Calendar functionality, we were able to apply this same level of organization to calendars. 

The Future is Bright

We’ve packed years of research, technical expertise, and industry experience into Ample Cloud to deliver Premium API Integrations that solve real world problems. Our early customers are proof that reliable and scalable integrations provide tremendous value for businesses.

We’re excited to open up Ample Cloud so all businesses can leverage the same ultra powerful Eventbrite to Webflow software driving experiences for Marks & Spencer, John Lewis & Partners, Murray's Cheese, Music & Arts, and more. 

We look forward to continuing to add value for new and existing customers by expanding our marketplace to tackle similar challenges across the software landscape in the months and years to come.

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